createis a custom Web design and Web development company whose goal is to provide businesses a means to capture client information and market their products and services online. The custom Web design and development solutions we provide are not only geared toward creating a Web site that will cater to your target market, but they will also help you improve your overall Internet presence.

We are an Adobe Business Catalyst Partner.  Adobe Business Catalyst is a hosted content management solution that integrates tools for your online business.

We are an international company with a presence in the United States, in Hong Kong, and, of course, on the web.

Custom Web Design and Development

createboasts a team of web professionals with years of experience dealing with a wide variety of projects for clients across different continents. We have graphic artists, developers, flash animators, CSS/XHTML experts, SEO specialists, copywriters. Our team has been designing and developing Web sites across many platforms and integrating systems to provide the client a seamless interface for Web site maintenance and manage online marketing tools.

Our custom Web design and development experts, as well as our other web professionals, possess a high standard of professionalism, the ability to efficiently implement Web sites, the initiative to keep abreast of leading edge technology, as well as the desire to provide outstanding customer service.

Our Clients

createprovides custom web design and development services to small and medium sized businesses that want an online presence and the ability to generate leads, promote products and allow clients to request quotes. We also cater to professionals who want to promote their services online, as well as online businesses with e-Commerce, Social Networking sites, and others. createcaters to clients in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

Our Content Management Systems

In our custom web design and development services, we use our  createCMS. Our create CMS is hosted with Adobe Business Catalyst and is an all-in-one product with tools that are essential for Internet businesses. Our CMS has been designed to provide small to medium online businesses with the necessary tools in only one system. Users no longer need to move data in separate solutions, remember numerous log-in accounts, or wrestle with codes and techie stuff. Web design changes no longer require tinkering with codes, and users can point and click on Web elements to achieve the look they want for their sites. Our CMS works like a Web-hosting system with a file manager and FTP access. It allows users to build and manage their own Web sites, write a blog and build a forum, run an online shop and accept payments, createe-mail marketing campaigns, build a customer base, and even monitor Web site traffic and other statistics—all these tasks managed in one central control panel. It also allows its users to apply any front-end technology—from Java applets to Flash games, Javascript or CSS. Its modules and code output are 100% XHTML compliant. Withour CMS, there is no need for external tools to facilitate the users’ online businesses. It already provides the computing power, disk space, and the back-end databases. The company also has e-mail support, forums, and online training webinars for its users.